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  • etouches Adds Event ROI Tool to Software

    POSTED May 5, 2017

Event ROI, a tool that enhances event performances by providing insights in real time, is the latest addition to etouches event management software.

etouches developed the product to address event professionals’ need to demonstrate the value their events generate. The new tool combines and analyzes a broad range of event data and performance metrics to improve business outcomes.

Before an event, organizers can capture information about attendees – e.g. their interests, industry, role/title – by linking the event ROI tool with their other technology, such as event registration and marketing automation platforms. Armed with these insights, organizers are better equipped to answer attendee needs as they arise at the event.

Exhibit check-ins, session ratings, surveys responses and more provide additional clues about attendee satisfaction and engagement during the event. Organizers can check behavior patterns in real-time on event ROI dashboards. If they detect signs of dissatisfaction, they can quickly take action to improve the experience. Organizers can message attendees about highly relevant sessions and exhibits, for example, and recommend people to meet based on shared interests to increase networking opportunities with decision-makers.

Post-event, organizers can check the event ROI tool again for a comprehensive view of how the event performed and insights to make future events even better.

The tool is designed to enhance event outcomes for all stakeholders. “etouches goal has always been to provide the industry with innovative solutions to maximize an organization’s reach, relevancy and efficiency as it relates to events,” said etouches CEO, Oni Chukwu

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